Monday, 4 December 2017

Feminist Gift Guide

Hello lovely people,

Today's seasonal post is a Feminist Christmas Gift Guide. Feminism is a topic I plan to explore in depth in the very near future. For now, suffice to say, I am a feminist and I love Christmas so who's to say you can't combine the two and come up with some awesome empowering gift ideas for all!

N.B. Many of these products are available from a number of sellers - these links are just the first that I stumbled across!


Girl Up by Laura Bates
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Fantastic practical guide to everyday feminism particularly suitable for young adults (but can definitely be enjoyed by all!).

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli

Gorgeously illustrated story book featuring 100 remarkable women who have made their mark on history (though can rarely be found in conventional history books). Brilliant for young and old alike!

The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf

Important, groundbreaking piece of literature that highlights the issues surrounding the societal pressures placed on women to look young, thin and beautiful (I have linked the shortened edition, which I think would make a great stocking filler!).

Clothes + Accessories:

Feminist badges

Another funky stocking filler that will add some sass to your clothes/bag/life.

Cinamon Rolls not Gender Roles Unisex Tee

This tee is so cute and displays a wonderful message.

Nevertheless She Persisted Necklace

Empowerment and motivation in the form of a beautiful hand stamped necklace.

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Music and Movies:

Coconut Oil - EP- Lizzo

I have so much love for this QUEEN! You want a feel good, feminist jam? This is it. (PS: the easiest way to gift this is probably in the form of an iTunes gift card..unless it's a gift for yourself..hehehe...).

Suffragette - Movie
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I cannot rave enough about this movie! It inspired me so much and is a brilliant reminder of how hard so many women fought to have the basic rights we often take for granted.


Pro-Choice Christmas Cards

These pro-choice Christmas cards will help raise funds for the Abortion Rights Campaign and feature a badass Mrs. Claus gifting reproductive rights for all. You go girl!

Provide Life Skills and Education to Girls in Zambia

This is a pretty amazing gift to give to someone. Educated girls are more likely to have safer, healthier, happier lives a yet a disproportionate amount of girls miss out on education. If you want a gift that empowers others, this is your bag.

Safe Menstrual Kits for Women in Uganda

It is shocking to think of women and girls who don't have access to sanitary products. As a result, in rural Uganda, over 50% of girls miss school every month due to their period. Education is for all, period (pun so intended).

Another cool thing is Amazon Smile . Basically Amazon donates 0.5% of the net price of eligible purchases to a charity of your choice (from their selection). You pay the same price but get to help charities at the same time. Pretty neat, I think. Two charities of note are UN Women's National Committee UK and Scottish Women's Aid. An extra bonus for when you're doing your Christmas shopping online.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know any of the above will be making your Christmas list!

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