Monday, 15 September 2014

City ventures and shoplifting fun | Scrapbook Snaps

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to do another Scrapbook Snaps post today. The last one was really popular and I enjoy adding a more casual slant to my lifestyle posts.

Today's pictures are coupled with an little anecdote from when I went into the city for rehearsals and the only bus was 4 hours beforehand (hooray for public transport) so I had a lot of time to kill. Firstly I went into Debenhams to go to the ladies where a tiny old man was wandering around looking for the exit. #totallynormal

I then came out and picked up some food for later on in M&S (grabbing the one remaining chicken sandwich) before heading down to Topshop.

I went into Topshop and wandered and gazed longingly at all the new collection and then spotted this gorgeous dress. (see picture) I had wanted to get this dress ages ago when it first came out for prom season but not having anywhere to wear it to and not having any money, I decided against the idea.

But..and it's a big but - this dress was the only one on the reduced rack. Reduced from a whopping €103 to €27! And it was in my size. So I decided to try it on - surely a little thing like that can't hurt?
Well that sealed it, I just had to get the dress. So, using a combination of my lunch money and bus fare, I bought it! Although at the time it probably wasn't the wisest decision, I am glad I bought it.

I then headed into the art gallery (oooh!) and wasted some time in there looking at some very unhappy regal portraits. To be fair there were some nice landscapes too. I then popped to Costa and scraped together tuppence for a peach lemonade. (it was roasting!)

I then strolled back to Debenhams with my now very heavy bag ( I should really invest in a rucksack) before going to rehearsals. That was where the real fun began. So I walked into Debenhams, as one does, and set off the security alarms. I thought nothing of it and reassured myself that I am not a thief and therefore have nothing to worry about. I then walked into the beauty section where they had cunningly put another set of alarms (WOOP WOOP WOOP - that's the alarm btw.) I convinced myself their must be something wrong with the alarm and walked back through it, setting it off again. I was slightly panicked at this point so decided the best option was to get out ASAP. So I strode back out the entrance, setting off another set of alarms, and quickly off into the crowd, looking impossibly guilty. Not only was this a huge inconvenience, it made absolutely no sense! And the evil glares from passers by! I might as well of had 'shoplifter' tattooed on my forehead.

When I finally got home after an hour wait in the bus station surrounded by dodgy youths, and another hour and a half bus ride home, I opened my bag to reveal a big fat security tag left on my dress.

I just like to thank Topshop for an eventful and publicly humiliating time all thanks to your dozy cashier.

Nice view from the bus at least!

I really hope you have enjoyed this post, would you have done the same?!

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Until the next post, Niamh xx


  1. Lovely post!! You look gorgeous in the flowery dress :) that's so annoying about the security tag!! haha, Love your blog.

    Charlotte Xx

    1. Aw thank you so much! I know right?! Grr. Thank you :)

      Niamh xx

  2. I love your dress, you look amazing in it!
    Love this kind of post,

    Amy X

    1. Aw thank you so much! You really made me smile with that comment :)

      Niamh xx


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