Sunday, 27 July 2014

What's in my Travel bag? - Summer edition

Hello everyone,

So as you may or may not know, I'm heading off to the UK for starting in London for a few days and then taking the train up to Edinburgh. I thought it would be very appropriate to show you what's in my travel bag. Slightly ironic as I haven't actually done a what's in my bag post yet, but I will get around to it! I will be scheduling some blog posts to be going up when I'm away so you lot won't miss out!

Urbanears headphones in coral - for listening to some chunes or anything else on my iPhone. ( or to block out wailing babies and chortling passengers)

Soap and glory hand sanitizer - travelling can get pretty yucky so I always have my Hand Maid to hand.

Bottle of water - always essential.

A lipstick/powder -  when I travel on long trips, my make up always slides off my face, especially in the heat, so I make sure you bring some with me so I can top it up! 

travel wallet - something to keep all the necessary travel documents in order.

snack - I always have a snack with me in case I get peckish - yoghurt raisins and, Eat Natural bars are my fave!

notebook and pen - in case I have any bright ideas on the go!

good book - I'm currently reading the Book Thief and am dipping into of How not to write a novel (both are fab!)

Mini Tangle Teezer - I cannot live without my tangle teezer and this mini one is great for styling when travelling.

Compact mirror - to make sure I look as fab as possible when travelling! (haha, if only!). I love my cute bakewell tart pocket mirror featured in my recent haul.

GUESS Sunglasses - to avoid the dreaded squinting. (featured here!)

My Camera - to take pictures to share with you all on here!

I keep it all in here! My Topshop Luggage bag - which is massive! (and very hard to photograph!)

My gorgeous coral Urbanears - check!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what's in your travel bag!

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Until the next post, Niamh xx


  1. I love those headphones, such a great colour. I did a post simillar to this on my blog ( )
    Nicole xx

    1. Me too! They are fab! Will give it a butchers!

      Niamh :)


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