Sunday, 13 July 2014

New hair & mini haul

Hello Everyone,

I have recently had a good hard look at my statistics to help me decide which posts you seem to enjoy reading the most and the most popular by FAR is my Mini Shopping Spree post (linked at the bottom of the page) which unbelievably was one of the first blog posts I ever wrote! So I've decided to write a similar post today merging a sort of 'Day in the Life'-esque post with a mini haul!

On Thursday I headed into a nearby town to get my hair cut as I hadn't had it cut for quite a few months and nobody wants tired, bedraggled locks with split ends. Unhappy hair = unhappy me. So I went into the hairdressers and got an inch cut off and my layers trimmed and a blow-dry resulting in this!  A few people have asked me if I dye my hair and the answer is no I don't, my hair is naturally quite a reddy auburn. (#ginger) As I headed out of the shop a really nice American lady commented on how nice it looked! Happy hair = happy me. Saying that, I probably wouldn't go back as I did feel attention to detail was lacking e.g. no hot beverages were offered *shock, horror*. If I was a hair critic - which, by the way, I'm not - I would definitely be deducting points (on my special hairdressing points system). Now there's a potential career pathway if ever I saw one.

Tah Dah!

My mum had an appointment in the town and as I had some time to kill, naturally I explored the shops! Firstly I headed into this cute bits and bobs type shop (I don't think there's a proper category!) called Higgledy Piggledy (if only for the name alone) and picked up some super cute, if slightly expensive, things!

The first thing I got is this lightweight scarf. This caught my eye as soon as I entered the shop because of the striking lime green which I must say is probably one of my favourite colours! I tried it on and conveniently it matched my outfit, that and the super cute dragonfly print made it a must buy!

The next thing I spotted was this really sweet hanging wall sign. Whenever I feel down, I find inspirational quotes really helpful and uplifting and I felt this one was really relevant to me as I am such a worrier! It reads: "Don't let yesterday use up too much of today" on a cream distressed metal background with a yellow metal butterfly and blue metal flower. I thought it looked really pretty and would match my room decor perfectly so I popped that on the counter too.

Also I couldn't resist this adorable bakewell tart pocket mirror. ( my love for bakewell tarts knows no bounds.)

I then walked down the street and spotted a large chemist (Oh dear!) and decided to go in and 'browse' the make-up section. I was just scouring the Max Factor stand when my mum walked in with the line ' I knew I'd find you here!'. Turns out her appointment finished earlier than expected. So we then headed off to the Hotel by the river to have a quick bite to eat before heading home. But not before purchasing something from the cosmetics aisle! Recently my foundations/BB creams etc. have been really rubbing off and by the end of the day I'm left make-up-less. Facially naked is never a good look so, I decided to buy the Max Factor lasting performance foundation. It was not only the 'lasting' aspect but also the pale shade that really attracted me to it. It is so tough to find any base products for my ghostly complexion. I will be letting you know how I get on with an upcoming review but obviously I want to try it out a bit first!

I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post, if you did, let me know in the comments below!

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Until the next post, Niamh xx


  1. That is such a cute quote and very true! Hopefully you saw my comment :) if not the lipstick is MAC in shade 'Cyber'

  2. Aw! No I didn't, thanks for commenting! it's a gorgeous shade! :) xx

  3. Your hair looks great! #MySundayBest

    1. Aw thank you so much! Sorry for the delayed reply - blogger has been playing up!

      Niamh xx


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