Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Wishlist

Hello Everyone! Today's post is a Summer Wishlist I created on Polyvore. I always love reading these posts so I thought it would be rather suitable as I have been lusting over a lot of things recently!

Topshop Heather Garland
I have been wanting a flower crown type accessory for ages and this one from Topshop gives the perfect balance between delicacy and full on statement crown.

Olivia Burton Big Face Watch
I have been eyeing up this watch for a while after spotting it on the Topshop website. The whole collection by Olivia Burton has a very vintage feel, which I love. The big face watch comes in a number of different colours and I feel it would fast become a wardrobe staple. My current watch is not a very fashionable one, a Black Casio digital so I avoid wearing it at the best of times! It would be nice to be able to tell the time again while adding some vintage wrist glamour!

Essie Nail Polish
I have been through so many nail varnish brands with different names and different finishes but lately nothing has really been stepping up to the mark. I have heard wonderful things about Essie nail polishes - not to mention the gorgeous range of colours - but due to it's forbidding price tag, I have been reluctant to try them. I feel now it's time to step into the more expensive side of nail polish and give Essie nail polishes a whirl.

The Body Shop All-in-one BB cream
There's growing speculation and excitement over this BB cream, particularly in the blogging world. I first saw this on Gabby's (velvetgh0st) YouTube channel. The whole "blending to your skin tone" aspect really appeals to me ( Magic!) as well as the Body Shop's gentle,more natural approach to ingredients. As the season of balmy beach days is upon us ( if the sun would just come out from behind the clouds!) the idea of something natural and light to provide a small amount of coverage and just even out the complexion is genius. If it works, that is!

Topshop Nation Two Part chunky sandals
I have been searching for a pair of dressy summer shoes that aren't too high or uncomfortable but still look super pretty and are easy to match with outfits. I spotted these on the Topshop website a few weeks ago in white but am now really warming to the pink ones and I think they would add a pop of colour without being style offensive! Obviously I need to go into the store and try these on to know how they fit and blah blah blah; but all I can say for sure is that they look blooming beautiful!

Ted Baker travel wallet

I need a travel wallet and I love Ted Baker - need I say more? I am totally in love with Ted Baker's Mint Green Spring/Summer range and combining that with my need of a travel wallet for my trip to Edinburgh this summer (which I will be blogging about  FYI) came this little beauty. Mint Green Leather Ted Baker Travel Wallet - perfection!

MAC lipstick
I don't actually own a high end lipstick (Shock, Horror) and since MAC lipsticks seem to be deemed as the best lipsticks around - I thought that would be a good place to start. The colour here is 'Playful' a corally toned pink. I'm not quite sure whether to play it safe or go all out; I quite like the idea of a deep purple..

Topshop Daisy Print Shorts
I love a daisy print to get me in the Summer mood and these fabulous loosely fitted shorts from Topshop really do the trick! Tragically, they are currently *out of stock*. Three most dreaded words in the world of fashion. Dressed up or down these shorts will make a statement while being effortlessly stylish! (Hurry up Topshop!)

Monsters University DVD
As you already know I am a self confessed Disney addict. (find out why here!) I saw Monsters University when it was released in the cinema and naturally LOVED it! And I figured that by owning it on DVD I would have the liberty of watching it in the comfort of a onesie and with some appropriately priced popcorn. What better way to spend your Saturday nights? It is feel good fantastic-ness (yep, It's a word).

I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post, let me know if you have also been making a Summer Wishlist!

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Until the next post, Niamh xx


  1. that is a really good wishlist, i need to do a clothes wishlist but it always changes to makeup products haha


    1. Aw thanks :) Same I always go out to shop for clothes and come back with a giant boots bag! xx

  2. I really want to try the MAC lipstick too!

    1. They're supposed to be the bees knees! Xx

  3. Replies
    1. I absolutely love a peachy pink lip and if I could I would buy the whole Olivia Burton range - it's just so vintage and fab! Xx


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