Thursday, 27 February 2014

How to: Survive School

Hello Everyone,

I am going to share with you my top 10 things to remember to help you survive your school days.

#1 exams aren't the be all and end all.

Despite what some people might tell you, exams really aren't the be all and end all. If you don't pass an exam or just the thought of doing one makes you squeal. Don't worry! You are not alone, thousands of people feel the exact same way. Exams are basically pressure tests, don't let them take over your life, it will get better!

#2 pleasing the 'popular crowd' is not important

Popularity seems to rank quite high in personality traits necessary to survive school. People that are popular tend to be people that just 'go with the flow' or 'follow the crowd'. Being able to stand on your own two feet without having a little posse echoing whatever you say is far more impressive.

#3 grade expectations?

Parent/Teacher pressure is never a nice thing to deal with. Even if they do just want the best for you, it is not right for them to pile pressure on to you so that your grades seem like they are all that matter. Encouragement is great and sometimes necessary and if you're slacking it is their place to tell to to concentrate a bit more. But telling you 'if you get straight As.......' or 'If you don't get straight As....' is not the right thing to do. If you feel you do need some extra revision ask a teacher during break and they might just be able to help (ps this does not make you a 'swat'.)

#4 Teachers aren't always right

Something you need to remind yourself is that teachers are humans too. And although at times they may seem like intergalactic monsters, their only intention being to guzzle on your guts (how cool would that be though?!), the reality is far from it.
Of course teachers are there to teach you so you can learn but it doesn't mean to say every word they speak is gospel. Teachers can make mistakes too.

#5 Be yourself 

Always be yourself. Just because you have a personality and other people prefer to all be the same doesn't mean you have to change. It may seem the easy option especially if you are getting hassle but ignoring them is definitely the best method. If a reaction is what they want, don't give it to them.

#6 don't compare yourself to others.

He got a A and I only got a C! so what? Don't do the best do your best. Maybe your best is getting a B or a C. As I said, an exam is just to see how you work under pressure, some do better than others. It doesn't make you a better person. I can guarantee in 10 years time you won't still be crying over that grade result!

#7 Grow a thick skin

Nobody goes through life without having negativity thrown at them one way or another. Take everything people say with a pinch of salt. And try not to be over sensitive, because it won't do you any favours. (trust me - I know!) If someone says that your hair looks weird it doesn't mean they want to assassinate you. (Unless you've seen them walking around in a balaclava with a gun..then I'd stay out of their way..)

#8 Express yourself

Find something you enjoy, it could be dance, karate, playing the guitar, or even blogging! find a way to express yourself even if you can't express yourself at school.

#9 Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day

One of my favourite quotes ever! I know what your thinking 'don't be stupid, nothing good happened today'.  It doesn't have to be a monumental discovery just something. That girl you don't like found a worm in her apple? You saw something funny written on the bathroom door? Look for the good and you will find it, but look for the bad and you will find it too.

#10 Prepare!

Do not leave things to the last minute. Don't stay on the internet all night. Don't eat nothing for breakfast because you don't feel like it. I have a post on easy healthy breakfasts here!

Eek! Mike Wazowski <3

I really hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your top tips in the comments below!

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Until the next post,

Niamh xx

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