Tuesday, 7 January 2014

4 Easy Healthy Breakfast ideas + tips!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would do a different kind of post today.

Part of my New Years Resolution is to eat healthier and one thing I always struggle with is a healthy breakfast.

I have decided that a slice of charred toast or a bowl of soggy cereal packed with sugar and E numbers isn't the right way start to my day.

Before I begin I would like to stress that you should never skip breakfast (unless told to by your doctor for health reasons).

You may think that skipping breakfast is fine and will help you lose weight. This is totally wrong. Breakfast helps to kick start your day and is designed to keep you going all the way till lunch.

Running on zero won't only make you tired and irritable, it will also make your metabolism freak out. Without food your metabolism will begin to store fat. So contrary to popular belief skipping breakfast will help you gain weight not lose it.

Another important thing to remember is to hydrate yourself in the morning. have a glass of water when you wake up and perhaps some organic fruit juice with breakfast.

 If you are going to have coffee (decaf if you must) or tea then make sure you have a big glass of water with it.

I know that breakfast can be tough especially if you're nervous, in a rush or just not hungry.

 So I've decided to share with you my 4 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas.

1. Super Bowl! -super,scrumptious and all in one bowl! change it up with whatever fruit are in season.

You will need:
- 1 banana
- some blueberries
- seasonal fruit of your choice
- organic granola (with no added sugars!)
- organic low fat Greek style yoghurt.

= Chop up the banana and put in a bowl with the rest of the fruit (stoned/peeled etc)
= Pour 2 tablespoons of Greek style yoghurt on top.
= Sprinkle with a handful of your favourite granola.

2. Healthy Bacon Butty - A healthy twist on the classic, good for those looking for a savoury brekkie!

You will need:
- a brown pitta bread
- a ripe avocado
- 1 slice of free range bacon.

= Grill your bacon and set aside. (do not fry!)
= Lightly Toast your pitta bread.
= Peel the avocado and slice. Place in a bowl and mash into a chunky spread.
= Cut your pitta bread in half and slice down the centre of each half creating 'pockets'.
= Spread a layer of avocado into each pocket.
= Cut your bacon in two and put a piece in each pocket.

3. Fruity Whizz!- Simple, yummy and packed with vitamins!

You will need:
- 1 banana
- a handful of strawberries
- a handful of blueberries.
- organic apple juice

= Slice the banana and top and slice the strawberries.
= Pour all the fruit into a food processor or blender.
= Add a generous glug of apple juice.
= Secure the lid and blend till smooth.
= Pour into a glass an tah - dah!

4.  Healthy Cheese and biscuits. - a healthy twist on a popular snack.

You will need
- Nairn's rough oatcakes (or oatcakes of your choice)
- low fat cream cheese
- organic cucumber

= cut 8 slices of cucumber.
= grab 4 oatcakes ( or more if you're particularly peckish!)
= spread a layer of cream cheese onto each oat cake.
= pop 2 slices of cucumber on top of each one.
 I really hope you enjoyed this type of post, I will be doing more in the future.

If you made any of the above for breakfast hashtag your pictures on Instagram with #quirkyperkybreakfast so I can see your lovely creations!

Until the next post,
Niamh x

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional, these are just my ideas and opinions. If you are seriously concerned about your diet, consult your doctor.


  1. these are really good ideas and will be using a couple xxx


  2. These look delicious. Now I just need to work out whether they will fit into the 5:2 diet I'm about to embark on! (Apparently, that works best if you eat a decent breakfast before the l-o-o-ng day of almost no calories) .


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