Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mini shopping spree in Topshop, Boots, River Island and New Look!

Hello lovelies!

Apologies for not posting for the last month, I have been so busy with holidays, etc.

Yesterday I had my haircut in the city and had a mini shopping spree and I thought it would be appropriate to share my day with you :) 

The first place I went after my haircut was Boots .headed straight to the Soap and Glory section ( oh dear) where they had cunningly put a 3 for 2 offer that I couldn't resist! 

I have only had one Soap and Glory  product which I got for Christmas, the Clean on Me body wash. As I  loved it so much, I finally decided I needed to invest in more Soap and Glory. 

The first thing I picked up was the Sugar Crush body wash which smelled like lemon bonbons (so obviously it had it be bought). The next was the Hand Food mini, which smelled like strawberry marshmallows and meadows,(maybe I should stop telling you) and I was, in fact, in need of a new hand cream. And lastly I bought the Girligo moisturising body spray , which simply smelled so fantabulous it had to come with me ( also it was the cheapest item, therefore free! ) 

Next I headed to the nail polishes and after much thought, decided on the BarryM nail paint in the pretty shade 'Blue Moon'. 

Lastly I found a gorgeous deep pinky coloured lipstick, by Kate Moss for Rimmel London ( shade 107 ) 

I also bought a pink lucozade (it was like 30 degrees and I thought I was going to faint) 

After Boots I headed over to Topshop and after no luck in the sale rails, I went to the accessories stand where I picked up this cute ditsy blue bow hair clip reduced to €3.50.

Next was River Island where the whole shop was reduced and brimming with crazy bargain spotters. I managed to grab a onesie reduced from €40 to €18! I wanted one all winter and was so happy to find this one in the sale. It was also a nice beige marl with Aztec detailing and zip fastening - perfect for when it gets chillier! 

Lastly was New Look where I found a lovely blue collared sleeveless blouse with little bows on it - BUT - not in my size - then in the corner of my eye I saw this very similar blouse but in pale denim with white polka dots - bingo! 

Afterwards, I struggled back down to Boots with my many bags to meet my mum who had been getting her hair coloured during this time.

Not a bad little haul for 45mins, in the blaring heat, on my own, with a funny purse that had a broken zip. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post - even if it was, almost a diary entry! if you did, please let me know here or via Facebook or Instagram, linked at the top of the page. 

(P.S I realised I never sign off at the end of my posts and I really should so -> ) 

Love N xx 


  1. Absolutely love your blog! Keep up the great posts :) my favourite from soap and glory is the girligo spray! It' smells amazing xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) me too it's fab! Comment your blog URL and I'll give you a follow :) xx

  2. oh my gosh i love your blog its so cute and girly and so are your posts!!its amazing just like your instagram!xxx

  3. This post is cute and i love that nail polish and that onesie is adorable! Thank-you so much for following me and i cant wait to read your future posts :D

    Laura xo

  4. Hello :) loving this post :) I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, take a look at mine for more info :) <3

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