Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spring Fashion

Hello everyone!

Here are my daytime and evening time spring outfits made on Polyvore!

I love the combinations because they are so cute and quirky - and rocking the pastel trend.

I wanted to create simple outfits in the theme of cute and floral.

Daytime outfit
The turquoise lace collar blouse and denim wash skinny jeans work perfectly together, pretty and understated - this allows for quirky accessories!

I adore the satchel in this picture  - It's so retro and cute at the same time!

The matching nail varnishes and heart earrings really marry all the colours together.

I have models own scented nail varnish and it is divine - but needs a protective top coat!

Its really important not to overdo the floral but to just keep it down to one or two items of clothing/ accessories when you're using pastels - in this case the cream floral print shoes make the look cute and floral without overdoing it!

I love the neckline on the evening dress in this outfit - it's so flattering without showing too much flesh.

The blazer really adds the formality needed for the evening and a pop of colour to the outfit.

The lace up heel boots in beige are a really cute , dressy addition to the outfit showing that its not yet the weather for pumps!

The pretty flower headband and rose lipstick complement the blazer and dress by adding colour and texture.

A spritz of Daisy by Marc Jacobs will make you smell as like a spring meadow!

The neutral dress and shoes allow plenty to be done with hair and makeup.

I hope you've liked my daytime and evening time spring outfits!

Comment any opinions, I'd love to hear from you! :)

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